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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Air Sailing Day 5 Final Report

Air Sailing Sports Class Contest – Day 5, Final Day:  July 16, 2016
After the high clouds and winds aloft on Day 4, this final contest day dawned with blue skies and a reasonable soaring forecast. The task was a 3 hour MAT, with a turn at Mineral Peak, 20 mile radius, a jog to the east to Tiger Field, with a 15 mile radius, then back north to Herlong with a 20 miles radius.  Pilots were getting to 14,000’ in the start area, so it looked to be a pretty good day, but again a blue day.  
In keeping with what we had seen in previous days, pilots tended to have good runs to the south, but then had to shift gears and struggle on the return. Even so, Dennis Linnekin (DL) smoked the day in his ASG-29-15, flying 210.84 actual miles at a raw speed of 69.73 mph, the best speed of the entire contest. Second for the day was Aland Adams (AA) in his LS-8-15.  
We had 6 landouts, 5 at the good airports at Dayton or Silver Springs.  Scott Jacobson (JP) safely landed his Discus in a parking lot at the Tesla GigaFactory, surely a very interesting story.  
Winner of the contest was last year’s second place winner Keith Eyler (T21). Dennis Linnekin (DL) took second place, followed VERY closely (13 points) by Aland Adams (AA).
This was a challenging contest.  The soaring weather was mediocre at best, and required local knowledge and gear-shifting to do well, or to even make it around the course.  There were a lot of landouts on a few days, and knowing that landouts were likely made us pick tasks that offered many safe airport options. While MATs definitely reduce the risk of landouts, they don’t tend to make for direct competition for the top pilots. Even with the challenges, this was a safe contest, with no damage, and healthy competition at all levels.
Ty White, CD

Posted: 7/16/2016


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