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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Air Sailing Sport Day 4 Report

Air Sailing Sports Class Contest – Day 4:  July 15, 2016
At launch time winds had picked up and to the south we saw high cirrus and some lenticular clouds, so we opted for a 2.5 hour MAT with a first turn at Hallelujah Junction.
Altitudes attained weren’t stellar, and there was a reasonably strong wind aloft, but with the MAT, most pilots finished tasks, with a single safe airport landout at Nervino.  
Winner for the day was Keith Eyler (T21) in his ASW-19B. Keith flew a racetrack of Ranch Road, Flannigan, Air Sailing twice around, with a jog to Constantia on the second circuit, for a total distance of 169.9 sm at 65.55 mph, handicapped to 64.22 mph.  Second for the day was Kirk Urbanczyk (K4) in his ASW-27.
At the end of Day 4, Keith Eyler (T21) has surged to first place, followed by Aland Adams (AA).
Ty White, CD


Posted: 7/15/2016


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