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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Air Sailing Sports Day 3 Report

Air Sailing Sports Class Contest – Day 3:  July 14, 2016
We took a rest day in the hopes that the soaring weather would improve, and the forecast for the day did predict higher climb rates and altitudes, especially to the south. Very light winds aloft were predicted. The task was set as a TAT of 3 hours, with a first turn at Sweetwater, with a 30 mile radius, then back to the north for a second turn at Flannigan, with a 10 mile radius.
Most pilots were able to climb out with no problems, and the fleet headed south to the Pinenuts.  With a 30 mile ring around Sweetwater, one could choose to turn back north while still in the Pinenuts, or go further south, almost to Bodie. 
While a few pilots flew the course with relatively low stress, for most it was a challenging blue day with a lot of shifting of gears. Pilots were getting above 15,000’ in spots, but some of the same pilots also found themselves digging out of holes below 8000’.  Most finishers worked very hard, and we had 5 landouts:  JJ in a dry lake, and 2 each at Dayton Valley and Yerington.  
Unofficial winner for the day was Keith Eyler (T21) in his ASW-19B.  Keith flew 208.3 actual miles at a raw speed of 62.60 mph. Placing a close second was Aland Adams (AA) in his LS-8-15.  Aland’s raw speed was 62.50 mph, but here the handicapping showed, as it gave Keith a handicapped speed of 61.32, compared to Aland’s handicapped speed of 57.19. Longest task of the day was flown by Michael Marshall (MM) in his ASW-20C-15, with an actual distance of 231.31 miles, followed very closely by Dennis Linnekin (DL) with a raw distance of 231.04 miles.  Both MM and DL flew all the way to Mt Patterson. 
At the end of Day 3, Aland Adams (AA) is in first place, followed very closely by Keith Eyler (T21).

Posted: 7/14/2016


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