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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Air Sailing Sports Day 2 Report

Air Sailing Sports Class Contest – Day 2:  July 12, 2016

The various soaring forecasts predicted another blue day, but with better thermals and higher predicted altitudes, especially to the south. The task was a 3 hour MAT with a first turn at Tracy Power Plant.

Winds at launch favored climbs in the red rocks, with most pilots connecting and climbing much more easily than on Day 1.  There were a few relights, but everyone got out of the valley.  Even so, altitudes attained were modest, in the 11-12,000’ range, with some pilots getting to 13,000’ to the south.

Unofficial winner for the day was Dennis Linnekin (DL) in his ASG-29-15.  Dennis flew a course of Tracy Power Plant, south to Flying Mouse at the end of the Pinenuts, back north to Air Sailing, then a little racetrack between Ranch Road, Air Sailing and Wofford.  Dennis flew 194.6 actual miles at 61.07 mph, handicapped to 53.74 mph.  Second place for the day was Aland Adams (AA).  After 2 days, Dennis Linnekin leads with 1723 points, and Aland Adams is a close second with 1710.

Everyone made it home safely, except for Michael Marshall (MM) who made a safe landing at Carson City.

Since we expect another weak day on Wednesday, and better weather Thursday and Friday, we declared July 13 as a rest day.

Ty White, CD

Posted: 7/12/2016


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