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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Air Sailing Sports Day 1 Report

Air Sailing Sports Class Contest – Day 1: July 11, 2016

The contest this year features a field of 16 gliders, including 4 from the Air Force Academy Team.

The soaring forecast predicted a blue day, with weakish thermals and low maximum altitudes. Winds were much lighter than the practice day, but the day started with easterly winds favoring tows to the Dogskin Range.

The launch revealed an even weaker start to the day than expected, with some pilots struggling for literally hours to stay above 7000’ msl. The task was changed in the air to a 2 hour MAT with a mandatory turnpoint at Constantia. The day was indeed challenging, with maximum altitudes to 12,000’ in spots, but mostly 11,000’ and lower. Only 7 pilots achieved the minimum handicapped distance of 40 miles required for speed points. 2 pilots landed out, with no damage reported, and 4 gliders received no points for the day.

Unofficial winner for the day was Aland Adams, who flew his LS-8-15 for an actual distance of 142.84 miles at an actual speed of 69.43 mph, handicapped to 63.53. Aland flew the task twice, landing and relighting after the first attempt, and finishing around 6 pm. The second time around was faster, with Aland running a racetrack of Ranch Road – Air Sailing – Constantia twice around. Aland took 860 points on this devalued day. Coming in second place was Keith Eyler, and Dennis Linnekin, last year’s winner taking third.

Everyone worked hard today, especially those who spent hours down low in the valley. The weather promises to strengthen as the week goes on.

Ty White, CD

Posted: 7/11/2016


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