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Region 1 Contest - Day 2 Report

Thinks took a little longer than hoped to get cooking around the airport.  There was a fair amount of scratching required off tow and a handful of relights.

The task was interesting.Essentailly a combination assigned and area task - Techincally a TAT but with a couple of 2 mile radius turnpoints followed by a larger turn area.

Once the gate opened and folks got to alltitude however things imporved and a stellar contest day unfolded with almost everyone completing the task.  There was only one land-out and that was on airport not off-field.

Like yesterday the preliminary results, show that the Buses can hold their own in the sports class with Hank Nixon and Alex Wills flying K-21 104 miles/48mph raw or 117 miles/54 mph handicapped to win the day.

That wraps up weekend 1 of the region 1 contest.  A few more relaxed days to follow during the week with several folks sticking around for a little more practice. Back to racing on Friday 7/1, hopefully for more of the same.

Posted: 6/26/2016


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