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Region 1 Contest - Day 1 Report

Day 1 dawned chilly, dry and clear.  The forecast featured 6500+ bases, near zero wind, good visibility, a slight chance of OD, no real problems.  We were handed a 3 hour AAT with large circles to fit the insanely large performance mix in this contest (Russia AC4 to 18m JS-1).  At launch time, cu were rapidly filling the sky everywhere except the path to the first turn (oh, well).  No problem: the gap was surmountable by all and a great day of soaring ensued.

This contest is heavy on new contest pilots.  Jack Cooper led the new guys today with a 166 mi flight at 54 mph (raw) in his ASW-27.  I think we might have set the hook:-).  Many time Region 1 OLC champ Pieter Schwarzenbach doesn't exactly qualify as a "beginner", but it's great to have him (finally) in a US sanctioned competition (he got 995 points today and 2nd place for the effort).  Juan Mandelbaum got 3rd with 958 points in his V2CX-15.  Finally, it was your corespondent's pleasure to put the heavily handicapped PW-6 two seater at the top of the sheet with 48 mph raw (the score sheet names need a bit of sorting as of this moment).

Evan Ludeman / i1

Posted: 6/25/2016


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