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2016 15 meter, Open, and Std Nationals - Got our rest day in

The well-anticipated cold front arrived today right on schedule.  We have been experiencing mid 90's temps for the last week and today the high was something in the low 80's with a strong north wind.  In the west, north wind = not the best flying day usually.  With 5 strong soaring days expected starting Sunday, we decided to take a break and enjoy the beautiful area around Nephi and do some laundry - at least I hope so because some guys are now wearing the same shirt for the 3rd day in a row... ;)

Yesterday saw amazing speeds on task.  I didn't want to say anything yet in yesterday's post, but if you look at the results you will be amazed.  6 pilots in the open class flew over 100 miles per hour on task with the top speed over 106!!! Imagine flying over 100 miles per hour and still only get 6th place for the day! It is sure fun watching the best of the best come and fly what Nephi has to offer.

Uys Jonker and the Jonker crew gave a fine demonstration and presentation tonight during dinner.  They flew the new jet around the airport with beautiful Mount Nebo in the background.  Be sure to look for pics and video of this demo on our facebook page. Uys then shared with a full house the background development of their JS1 and working to make improvements to performance in the future. The pilots really enjoyed the evening.  Catering was Mexican from our favorite caterers and even Cindy who heads up our retrieve office liked it.  If she approves, it must be good.  No she isn't picky, just an amazing cook with high standards - you should try her cookies!

The next few days should be strong hard racing with no letting up. Fingers crossed.

Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/26/2016


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