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2016 15 meter, Open, and Std Nationals - Hello....is this mic on

Day 3 of official racing and we better get something off to the masses who are trying to follow the action.  Long story short, we killed ourselves getting ready for this event and now that it is here, we are hanging on by our fingertips trying to keep the cart on the mountain path and the mule from going off the edge - OK, super lame analogy. 

The new water system at Nephi has been a huge hit.  It took us over 200 man hours just to install, but it has performed very well and other than when all the pilots try to use it 30 minutes before the pilot meeting, it has awesome pressure and fills up a wing in just a few minutes.  I'm sure you are all just waiting to hear about the water system - sorry.  Let's get to the flying.

Today was a fun day.  No chances of thunderstorm blow ups or virga.  Just puffy clouds or blue.  Our task took us down south and out west just a little bit before taking us back east to the ends of the earth where you don't dare to go any farther.  We then shot back up north over the Wasatch Plateau to then hit the last turnpoint before screaming home with a decent quartering tail wind.

Pilots came home with some real smiles and it was really interesting how they all had a time or two where they got slow even though it was such a good day.  Interesting.  We had a pretty strong wind from the north on landing, but the pilots did a great job and Ron and the ground crew team were fantastic at getting all of the pilots off the runway quickly with their gear attached.  Everyone is really in sync now that we have practiced procedures a few days and have made most of the mistakes already. 

Yeah, we are having a great time.  I'm sorry we haven't sent out a log every day.  I am flying and Ron and John are working crazy long hard hours to make this go off so well every day.  I guess it just might take a 10:57pm post to get it done.  Thanks again for your patience.

One last thing:  We have been posting pics on our facebook page.  Check it out:



Bruno - B4

Contest co-CM

Posted: 6/24/2016


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