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Club Class National - Day 6 Wrap-up - UH (OH)

We finished with a 6 turn AAT with small circles and a nominal distance of 155 miles.
The weather has been quite variable for the last couple of days and this day delivered the same. Most climbs were 3-4 kt to 5-6 thousand feet, but there were a few hot ones with 7 plus knots to 8000 feet. Oh, and a lot of places there was nothing. 15-20 mile glides were common, sometimes to the ground.
Noah used a couple of the hot ones to win the day with Daniel close behind.
Mike, his experience showing, backed off a bit and avoided trouble, this clinching his first National win since 1986. Note that he was out of racing for about 1/2 that time. He flew a steady race and never put a foot wrong.
Noah, in his second official contest ever, came second. This quiet, modest young man is going to go places. It was fun to watch.
Former US Club team member Ryszard flew a steady contest to finish 3rd
Daniel finished 4th, certainly not what he a had hoped for, but he took his poor fortune with maturity and grace.
Erik finished 6th in a glider that, under his leadership, was restored over the winter and spring and completed 2 days before the race.
John Ashcroft is and interesting story. He was a UK junior back in the early 80's and has returned to gliding and competetion only recently. He flew steadily and had a great deal of fun.
It is worth noting that Noah, Erik, and Daniel all were flying club owned gliders. Maybe there is something to this Club Class after all.
The Wurtsboro group did a good job with especially good ground ops and a friendly helpful attitude at all times.
CD Jacquie did a great job in her first Nationals.
Thanks to Sandra Danoff for scoring her first contest remotely. She done good!
After 87 years as glider operation, Wurtsboro finally did a Nationals, and gave us a good one.
See you at the airport.

Posted: 6/20/2016


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