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Club Class National - Saturday Weather


High ridging over the eastern US dominates the weather.   Increasing temps and slight increase in dewpoints point to a more summer-like feel to the day.


Airmass generally similar in profile to yesterday without the early Ci cover to tamp down heating.   Should have a decent start to the day with good climbs in the 3-5kt range to 5,000 going up over 6,000 later in the afternoon.   Can’t rule out 7,000 over the high ground.  


Models are again all over the map with surface dewpoints (RAP has low 40s which is absurd, HRRR has low 50s, NAM has mid/upper 50s).   Going with a hybrid estimate of around 54 gives us Cu at over 6,000-7,000 for most of the day.   Some towering indicated in the NAM which could again lead to localized spreadout.


Light NNE flow less than 10kts in the boundary layer and less than 20kts up to 12,000 feet. 

P3 6-18-2016 12Z

Posted: 6/18/2016


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