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Club Class National - Wednesday Report - RO

Got a good, but late start around 2 PM along with HH1 & W.  Worked together going south to the first turn and then north up to the ridge east of Ellenville.  HH1 & W got above me in a thermal bubble, so I left at 6,500' to go NW directly across the valley to try to connect with the convergence clouds I was looking at.  Finally connected with the convergence at the most westerly cloud half way between the
west ends of the Rondout and Ashokan reservoirs at 5,500' MSL.  That climb was good for 5-6 Kts up to around 8,000'.  Then flew the semi-dry convergence line northeast over the high ground getting to the back side of Hunter Mtn with about 6,500' MSL.  Got another 5 Kt convergence thermal there up to 8,700' MSL.  Then ran the convergence clouds to the end just around Hunter - Tannersville, and made the turn to head south.  Ran the line back to the south with a climb to 8,700' south of Hunter,
and then a lot of bumping along to get to the south end with around 7,700'.  Another good climb back
to 8,700' there, and one more to 8,400' halfway to Ellenville.  Planned final glide from there, but was going
to be 10-15 minutes early.  While over Otisville I found a 3Kt thermal from 4,500' up to 6,500'.  This allowed
me to fly past the turn deep into the Lewis Landing cylinder, and thus solved my problem of being early.
Uneventful final glide from that point on.

Posted: 6/16/2016


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