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Club Class National - Wednesday Report - UH (OH)

Wednesday gave us the expectation of very good soaring in the upper valley to the north.

We tasked to Monument, followed by Story Farms up in the Catskills, then back to Lewis Landing
It  was a tricky day but the view up in the mountains was spectacular. Mike Opitz used his local skills to real advantage and beat the field by about 8 mph to take the lead.
The real treat for me as an observer is to see 19 year old Noah in a solid second place in his second real contest. He has a terrific future in our sport. Daniel Sazhin had a bit of bad luck and fell from the lead  but he'll spring back. The leader, interestingly flew his first nationals when he was 19, way back in 1970. I don't know of any other sport where such an age span can be competitive.

Posted: 6/16/2016


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