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Club Class National - Tuesday Flight Report - DD

Flight Report, Tuesday June14, Dan Olson DD
I took off 4th in line and climbed right off tow to 4400 feet, then while waiting for the task to open, I and several others thermalled down to the point that we went back to Wurtsboro to be close in case we needed a relight.  I think some did.
I did manage to climb back up and start the task.  The flight to Monument went OK, but after I got a few miles into the circle, it was kind of flat, so I headed for Warwick.  That went a bit better so I went a little past the center of the circle and turned for Piolis.
The first half of this leg went well, reaching 6000 feet along the way.  Then it got flat again.  As I was heading for Piolis,
I knew I had to cross the plateau Northeast of Ellenville.  I headed straight for the far edge of it and kept watching to see if I could clear it.  When I couldn't stand it anymore I turned East and back to the valley to find another thermal.  I looked at my flight file later and found I was only about 650 feet above the terrain when I chickened out.  I did find another thermal and cleared the plateau with a comfortable margin.
I didn't find any more lift after that and could not even make Ellenville.  I landed in a farm field without damage and had a fun filled retrieve.  My thanks to Bill Thar and Mike Opitz Jr. for the retrieve.

Posted: 6/14/2016


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