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Club Class National - Tuesday Weather


The fourth (or is it fifth?) straight day of generally NWerly flow in our area brings another nice soaring day.   High pressure ridges out of Canada and keeps a complex series of systems at bay.   


Boundary layer generally at around 5000-6000 feet.   Expect 3-5kts lift to 5000 and occasionally 6000 over the hills and mountains.


Dewpoints have dropped into the low/mid 40s throughout the task area, so expect the day to be primarily blue.   Can’t rule out the isolated Cu field to the north, but they should be short-lived.


Winds continue NWerly (310-320) from about 5-10kts near the surface and around 15-20kts near the top of the boundary layer.  Average winds about 10-15kts in the working band.


 Wear lots of sunscreen. 

Posted: 6/14/2016


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