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Club Class National - Day 1 Reports


Spent about 15 minutes with my heart in my mouth polishing rocks at the Port Jervis monument on the way back.  OH was a few hundred feet below me, and landed out.  Other than that, it was sort of a fun flight.  Wave off the start got me all the way south of the Water Gap without having to mess with the crappy part of the ridge on the way down to Hawk Mtn..  When I got back, I did laps to up the average speed and make up for the stop at Port Jervis - until I got up to the 11 turnpoint max, and then I landed..



Monday was a gorgeous day for a MAT task, I was able to connect with some wave shortly after the start and ran SW parallel to the ridge at about 6000ft for about 50mi averaging about 100mph. I then transitioned to the ridge and ran that to Hawk Mountain (about 60 miles), turned around and got back up to Millbrook (about 45mi from Wurtsboro), the ridge ran out and there were no clouds for another 20mi. I did some praying and got up to about 1500agl, at that point I slowly started working my way back to Wurtaboro going from field to field; about 60 painful minutes later I had glide to Wurtsboro's ridge after doing a couple laps racking up more miles I called it a day...


With the forecast of strong winds, rough air, and broken thermals, I thought it best to stay with a ridge flight and since I am not as experienced with ridge flying as some of the other pilots, (like Dan Sazhin), I decided to confine myself to just the part of the ridge that I am know.
I was already near the edge of the start circle when the task opened and started for Ellenville in the first few minutes.  When I turned to follow the ridge Southwest bound, I saw a beautiful cloud street along the ridge as far as the eye could see.  As I followed the street I climbed on course to just below cloud base and then accelerated to avoid being drawn into the cloud.  It got really good and I was cruising in the yellow arc without losing altitude.  For a short time my GPS showed 140 mph groundspeed but most of the time it was showing between 70 and 110.  It did not take long to reach Otisville Prison, my next turn point.  I knew I need extra distance to avoid running out of turn points, so I left the ridge to go to Lewis Landing.  I made it back to the ridge with little altitude to spare and headed Northeast.
The trip back to Ellenville was pretty average and I stuck with my basic conservative plan and flew repeated loops from Otisville Prison, Wurtsboro, to Ellenville until I ran out of turn points.  I was very happy with 5th place for the day.
I flew
Wave. Suspicious looking hole opened up north of the airport, and several of us went over to investigate. Sure enough, 2-3 knots of wave took us up above cloudbase and enabled us to start through the top of the cylinder.  From there, the next 60 or so miles of the task was a magical ride above the clouds.  Super low stress enjoying the scenery and making minor course corrections to stay in the best part of the wave.    I punched out near Dingman's Ferry to transition to ridge running, but several others managed to stay in the wave all the way down to the Delaware Water Gap, which would be about an 80 mile run in wave.   From there it was figuratively and literally downhill.    
It was my first time in Wave! I was so excited I could have pee'd my pants... if I wasn't wearing a Catherer!

Posted: 6/13/2016


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