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Club Class National - OS Report - First Impressions

I arrived at Wurtsboro Tuesday after a grueling 12 hour drive (broken into two days) from CCSC. It seems that eastern Pennsylvania is nothing but a one lane construction zone. Glenn Betzoldt had arrived earlier and after reviewing the parking and power options, I set up the RV in a little encampment with him, his wife Laura, and their six month old Mate (best trained dog I’ve seen at 6 months) that was later joined by Mike Smith. After a brief introduction to the airport layout by Warren Cramer, I was impressed by multiple hard surface runways and diagonal and cross grass runways that give lots of opportunities for landing in any weather conditions.

I later explored the airport by bicycle and snuck into many of the hangers that look their age. But hidden in them is a veritable museum of vintage and modern aircraft. There are two hangers that allow some gliders to remain assembled and there is also a mix of private power planes. It’s always interesting to explore the back of the hangers and sure enough, there was a beautiful yellow Lotus and a gorgeous Rolls Royce undergoing renovation.

I received some local briefings –there is high country to the west but is almost all wooded with limited landing opportunities. Even in the valley where Wurtsboro is located there are limited opportunities to the south (confirmed by my drive up Rt 209 and not seeing any good fields) due to a swamp. The good fields are on the other side of the ridge although after a practice day flight, it looked like a lot of short field landing practice was in order. But flying the ridge and thermaling provided lots of opportunities to get familiar with the area.

Looking forward to more flying.


Posted: 6/9/2016


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