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Region 5 South - Almost a Day

Hope was high when everyone traveled for breakfast this morning.  Bright sunshine and a slight breeze gave our intrepid aviators hope.  At the pilot's briefing, Fernando gave us the impression the day was going to be a little weak but very makable.

Always the optimist, the CD called for an Assigned Task for 18 meter and FAI combined. Sports Class was going to do a Turn Area Task to the west and north.  Trigger temperture was reached and the sniffers were launched.  Shortly after, the FAI Combined Class launched into a pretty blue sky.  It wasn't too long that the entire class was struggling to stay aloft.  The launch was stopped and an hour wait began.  No one was getting any higher than 2,800 ft AGL unless they were over the town.  One pilot reported reaching 4,000 feet MSL over the Walmart parking lot.  That resulted in the usual response from bored pilots asking for maps of local Walmarts in the task area.

After consulting the National Weather Service and seeing high cirus moving in from the Gulf of Mexico, it was decided to cancel the day.  Soon the remaining classes on the runway were cleared and landing operations began.  The day is not a complete loss as Cordele Chamber of Commerce will be serving a delicious dinner over at the Recreation Center.

Andreea is downloading pictures from the past days operations and will put them on the site soon.  Weather for tomorrow should be great and Assigned Tasks will abound!!!!

Our goal.....NO MATS!!!!

Rich (ZO) CD

Posted: 6/8/2016


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