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Region 5 South - First Contest Day Report

At about 5:15pm the first of the finishers were returning to Cordele.  Smiles were preverlant among the early arrivals.  Tales of weak conditions highlighted the comments of the late arrivals.  We had 3 safe landouts in fields and the pilots took great care of their rescuers!  A notable side note from one of our landout pilots was a video showing the field he landed in that was home for a trip of goats (had to look up on Google what a herd of goats were called). We are looking forward to the complete story when DL returns for the pilots' meeting tomorrow.

The traffic pattern was very organized and the ground crew expertly cleared the runway. After a relatively short period, all the ships were put in the box and pilots and their crews headed out for Mexican food at Los Compadres.  Too bad our Scorer, Larry Goodard, was left at the contest trailer until he closed shop at 8:45pm.  Thank you to all our volunteers!!!!    

In 18 Meter Class, Henry Retting gave a superb performance by beating the second place finisher by 12 mph.  Henry flew 150.56 miles at 63.05 mph.  In FAI Combined Class, Robin Clark barely beat Sarah Arnold by a mear .34 mph by flying 133.93 miles at 58.94 mph.  Sports Class was again lead by a great pilot from Auburn.  Tim McGowin flew 121.6 miles (hcp) at 48.65 mph (hcp).  War Eagle Tim!!

Weather forecasts for the rest of the contest look typical Cordele weather, hot, high, and very fast!!

Rich Owen (ZO), CD




Posted: 6/7/2016


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