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Region 2 - A note from the CM

Team Mifflin is a strong, experienced team, which makes my job as CM that much easier.  Thanks to all who helped out this past week.  My estimate is there were at least as many volunteers as pilots!  All efforts, large or small, are appreciated.
Competition Director – John Seymour [SM]
Scoring - John Godfrey [QT] and Sandra Danoff
Weather - Richard Kellerman [QV]
Towing - Brian Glick (Chief Tow Pilot), Haven Goulding, Bob Bowers [Ridge Soaring], Leigh Smith [AC]
Ground Ops/Launch – Steve Glick & Paul Weeden (Leads), Fred Winter, Chris Groshel, Gary Adams, Caton Fuller [CL crew], Austin Glick, Nikki Glick, Ed Weeden
Starts/Finishes – Jacquie Doherty
Sniffer – Monty Sullivan [97]
Advisors – John Good [MP], Erik Mann [P3], and Sean Murphy [XC]
Registration – Janine Acee (Lead) and Iris Striedieck
Retrieve Office – Becky Thompson (Lead), Teri Rueb [VW crew], Sarah Loken [1L crew], Janell Sullivan [97 crew]
Meals – Lisa Glick (Lead) and Peggy Glick with setup help from Joanie Yanusus and Janell Sullivan
Awesome Fish Dinner – Gene and Peggy Glick
Dinner Music – David Bargainnier [OO]
Clubhouse/Grounds Maint – Karl Striedieck, Fred Winter, Chris Groshel
Photography – Moe Acee [AC] and Bo Michalowski [U crew]
Reporting – Brian Glick
Special thanks to…
Mifflin County Airport Authority for their continued support of our contest.
John Seymour [SM] for taking a break from contest flying to CD while his crew tried on her new role as CM.  Thanks for your strong leadership and support!
Monty and Janell Sullivan for spending the week at the airport, helping out in every and any way.
Karl Striedieck for his help and guidance in preparation for and during the contest.
And last but certainly not least, my predecessor Iris Striedieck for pulling all her archives together for me, patiently answering my million questions, and general behind-the-scenes support.
So long from Mifflin…Come join us in 2017 for the Sports Class Nationals!

Posted: 5/29/2016


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