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Region 2 - Day 6

Greetings Sailplane racing fans,

This morning at the pilots meeting we were all well aware that today is the last day of the race. As anyone who has read my writings in the past will know, I never like the last day of a race. The airport loses its heart and soul the minute all the gliders go trolling out airport road to the main highway and shoot off in all directions towards home. It is sad and I don’t like it. The pilots meeting was longer in order for the CM to give thanks to all the volunteers and they are many. First and fore most many thanks to first time contest manager Janine Acee. Janine was appointed by the club as this was the first year that management of the contest turned over from Karl and Iris to Mifflin Soaring association.  Although lots of people were nervous the transition could not have been more seamless had we been planning it for 5 years. Had we not told anyone of this, the only difference you would have noticed would have been a new person running the morning meetings and manning the office. Charlie Spratt quoted this site many years ago as “not a club and no active operation, many people just drop what they are doing, show up and assume the positions they have had year after year” This has remained true and as older people cycle out someone always seems to show up to fill the gaps. There are way too many to mention here as about 30 were recognized in the meeting for their contributions. All do the job well and are appreciated.

The weather report for today was more of the same, hazy hot humid and to me overbearing. It was so warm and sticky flying that I had a ground launch crewman bring me bottled water to the tug in the middle of the launch. The CD set a preliminary 3 hour 3 turn TAT. Just as the sniffers went up a small storm splashed rain in the 7 mountains about 4 north of the airfield. This prompted the CD to reduce the task to 2.5 hours and take the northeast circle out of the task. At the end of the day, everyone got home and all the day winners ended up as the class winners as well. The winners were, in Sports, KS Karl Striedieck, in 15 M XC Sean Murphy, in 18M QV Richard Kellerman and in Standard OH Hank Nixon. Congratulations to all for a well flown race. Speaking of good flying, the standard class 2nd and 3rd place guys had never flown Mifflin before. Noah Reitter who was second was entered in his first contest ever and my recollection is that he is only 20 years old. John Mittel I met at Perry a month ago and he is a true southern gentleman. We hope they both return.

I may have more tomorrow just as a true wrap up report, so check back, but for now, I am turning in after several hot days in the cockpit.


Brian Glick 

Posted: 5/28/2016


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