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Region 2 - Day 5

Greetings Sailplane racing fans,

The further away from Tuesday we get the hooter it gets and oh yes, don’t forget, more humid too. It seems that we skipped spring completely here at Mifflin. We had a cold damp and very wet spring, with more snow in April than we had in February. The majority of May was cold and wet, with temperatures in the 50’s or colder. Tuesday morning it was 36 at the airfield and we were searching for the heater in the meeting room. This morning it is in the mid 70’s with all the garage doors open. That is how fast it can change here and it surely has.

That brings us to today’s racing. The forecast was for 6,000 foot cu and spreadout that would make the day end early. With that in mind, the CD put 2 hour TAT’s with big circles on the task sheet. Soon after the launch, this seemed like an under call but in reality it was probably about right. We did see late day rain showers but no thunderstorms and by 5:00 PM most everything soarable was gone. In the heart of it all soon after gate opening, no one had much trouble staying up around the home field. That is not to say it was not challenging, it looked like hard work to get around. Winners for the day were in 18M, P3 Eric Mann, 15M XZ Shane Neitzy, Sports KS Karl Striedieck and in Standard for his first ever day win HH1 Noah Reitter. Way to go Noah!

Tonight’s dinner was the annual Mifflin fish fry and snookie ice cream truck. The fish was spectacular as always and with the hot day the ice cream line was long as well. After the meeting we presented my parents, Gene & Peggy Glick with a card and flowers as they will be married 50 years on June 18th.

Tomorrow is the last contest day and looks to be more of the same hazy hot and humid racing as the past 2 days. It is better than sitting on the ground in the rain. We have all done that before and it is no fun.



Brian Glick 

Posted: 5/27/2016


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