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Region 2 - Day 4

Greetings Sailplane racing fans,

All is well at Mifflin as we have now flown all 4 race days. Monday was ok, Tuesday was great, Wednesday just good and today, well you can figure that out based on the trend I just talked about. The good air that started Tuesday has been slowly over run buy warm moist air with spread out and a little danger of afternoon storms, though it was not high.

This day was very warm early in the morning and so muggy that while I was towing, I would open a window on the Cessna every short final I made.  We fired the first sniffer up at about 12:40 and he nearly beat the towplane back down. True to SM form, he turned them back around and kept firing until 1 stuck. Monte Sullivan and Hank Nixon drew the short straw for this duty and after about 3 launches each, both stayed up. Monte actually reported back at 5700 feet in a 2-3 knot climb so the launch commenced. Standard class were the guinie pigs today as they had to go first. At the end of the day, this was good as only 2 of the 4 classes got in an actual day. 15 M was last to launch and by the time we got to them almost everyone else was out on course and this was the difference between getting in a short day and no contest day at all. Everyone was tasked fairly close in and in fact the task times were all reduced to an hour and a half after the launch started.

Of course, there was lots of growling and grousing after this day was over, including dinging the CD for the turn circles being too small. He made the comment that tomorrows task could be a 3 turn TAT with big enough circles to get them all in 1. Then he laughed and said, you guys will all have to worry about minimum distance. He got em there.

There was not dinner at the airport tonight, but tomorrow is the famous Mifflin fish fry. This will be well attended and the fish were all prepared and put in the secret recipe this morning so that they will be suitable for all.

Tomorrow looks similar to today though it may  happen a bit earlier due to more heating. Stay tuned for all the news that is fit to print.



Brian Glick 

Posted: 5/26/2016


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