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Region 2 - Day 3

Greetings Sailplane racing fans,


Another day is in the books at Mifflin Region 2. The super weather that we had on Tuesday, looked today as if it was not up to the standard as previously set. In all Tuesday set a pretty high standard for an east coast contest and 1 we will talk about for a while to be sure. That said, this day called for conditions not as good and lift not as high. They were both proven wrong.  The CD was all wadded up  in knots because he thinks he made an under call. In reality, it worked out just great and the pilots were all happy that a day that did not look so good early, turned out great for them. Anyone who knows our CD, Mr. Seymour, knows that he will challenge a little more later. Speaking of John, he is doing a wonderful job as CD. I have worked with many over the years, not since Charlie Spratt have I worked with a guy that has his thumb on every vital part of the organization, without squandering the opportunity to make decisions and go with it. He also considers well that a regional has a varied bunch of competitors. I can assure you that we would have flown a 4 hour task on Tuesday had this been a national.


Today’s day winners were in Standard OH Hank Nixon, Sports L Mike Robison who is flying as guest, 15 M XC Sean Murphy and 18M our esteemed weatherman Richard Kellerman. All wonderful men and well deserved day wins.

Tomorrow looks to be more of the same type flying as today only with more moisture and the chance of a pop up storm. I will report to you on all the happenings, as they occur..


Brian Glick 

Posted: 5/25/2016


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