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Region 2 - Day 2

Greetings Race Fans,

Day 2 at Mifflin began under a bright sky with only a thin veil of fog. With the low pressure system now moved well northeast of here, this was shaping up to be the day we all want when a race breaks out. At the morning meeting we heard from yesterday’s winners and got a talk from a state DCNR employee about flying near an active forest fire area. No one was too interested in hearing all this, they only wanted the weather. Our very blunt and very English weatherman, Richard Kellerman, spoke next and it was so quiet in there you could almost hear a mouse tip toeing across the floor. Everyone was waiting to see if he would use the phrase “very good or cracking good”. Richard is sometimes long on pessimism so when he fires up the “cracking good” phrase, you buckle in, shut up and hold on because we are going to have FUN on those days. He stopped just short of using that, but he should have. The forecast was for 8,000 feet and cu all day. The CD, polar opposite of our weatherman, is Mr. Optimism. Soon after the meeting the rumors of a 4 hour task were floating around. When the sheets come out it ended up being 3.5 with 3 turns, each with different size circles. This gives the beginners a good chance and the experienced guys plenty of space to go deep in the circles.

Grid time was set for 11:30 and Monte Sullivan was going to sniff. Monte has been here since the start and today Heinz Weisenbuehler and Andy Brayer both showed up as guests. CD Seymour was anxious to get the sniffer up and he was launched at 11:40. At this point in the day, the ridge was not working but as I was towing Monte up, I heard Mike Robison, a guest from Ridge Soaring in a self-launch Arcus, call the CD and report over 7 mountains at 5,000. Game, set and match point. Let’s go!!! The launch took right at 1 hour and when the gates opened for each class there was no fooling around. We did not see a glider all day until finish time.

As the finishes start to come in, it is clear that Kellerman should have said “crackin good” this morning. Many people reported being over 9,000, a few over 10,000 and 1 guy said he topped out at 11.2. Not too shabby folks. The sports class was won by the aforementioned HW, not too bad for having not flown since last July. 18m was 3D, Bob Holliday, Standard, OH, Hank Nixon and after having some really rotten luck this week 15m was won by BZ, John Mittell. Good show and congrats to all.

After all that flying a wonderful dinner of mini-meatloaf and baked potatoes was had by all. There was much laughter heard and many beers consumed and many tired pilots who retired soon after dinner. Tomorrow looks to be good, but not to the conditions we saw today.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/24/2016


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