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Region 2 - Day 1

Greetings to all sailplane racing fans,


The contest here in region 2 at Mifflin got rolling today. Several competitors arrived here as early as Thursday and flew 2 days pre contest. Thursday and Friday were fairly good days with lots of good practice had by all. Saturday and Sunday were a total wash as it rained steady both days. This moring dawned with heavy fog and plenty of moisture in the air. Depending on which forecast you believed, we were in for 6500 foot cu, spreadout, or in the worst of them, thunderstorms late in the day. In truth we saw a short version of all 3. The sniffer went up at 12:20 and reported back going through 4700 with 5 knots. This was plenty good enough to start the launch at 12:35 and all seemed well. Shortly after the last launch we heard 1 clap of thunder here but not much OD was too be seen.

In truth, out on course it was a mixed bag of go like crazy one moment and dodge a rain shower the next. Basically a classic day that the sun was your friend and then your enemy.  About a third of the fleet made it around, a third aborted and came back home and the other third came home but not under the power of thermals but rather in the trailer. In truth this is exactly the kind of day we usually see after several days of rain at Mifflin.

The day winners were, U Roman Michalowski in Standard class, JD Nikola Gradinski in 15 meter,  KS Karl Striedieck in Sports and P3 Eric Mann in 18 meter.

Tomorrow looks to be dryer air than today and most likely with no spread out or the potential for blow ups.

I will be reporting from here all week as I have done for about the last 8 years. It is a pleasure to get to tell you all of what is happening on the ground in my favorite sport, sailplane racing, surrounded by the most wonderful bunch of people I know.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/23/2016


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