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Region 7 - Summary

The weather this week was exceptional, and this allowed us to fly every day while at the contest airport.  We were able as pilots to concentrate on height bands, fast speeds, big circles under larger cumulus clouds to find the strongest lift, fly to the same corners of small cu’s so that we could bump along without circling or zooming and this allowed many pilots to fly as fast as their previous best speeds for several days this week.  At contest’s end Matt Michael in the low performance class, Ron Ridenour in the sports class, and Don Kroesch in the 18-meter class showed how well this could be done as their respective class winners.  Congratulations to them, the second and third place finishers and to all the other pilots who flew really fast.   

I have flown several contests in my own Ka6e and come to believe that the handicap spread was just to big on weak to moderate days when the fast, modern gliders populated the same class.  I wanted to provide an opportunity for pilots who fly and cherish their old gliders like mine to compete in their own class like Region 10 North tried two years ago.  I believe that there is enough interest in our soaring community for these low performance gliders to race in contests if they perceive that the tasks and handicaps seem reasonable.  Thus, I offered them an opportunity to do so, and the response was enough to make one work here at Region 7.  And guess what, they flew fast and had a great time and certainly that’s what our soaring community wants.

Many thanks to Jim Hanson the airport manager and his wife, Mary Alice, and all the volunteers including: Tom, Marilyn, John, Sarah, Mike, Jim, Dale, Vicki and Karen.  That’s all for this year.

Leon – Region 7 CM  

Posted: 5/23/2016


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