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Region 7 - Day 6

Well, the weather this week has been fantastic with light to moderate winds with fast climbs to 7,000 agl or more.  Thermals were turbulent and narrow but easy to find if you had patience and just enough altitude, and this allowed most pilots to fly in their preferred flight bands – high and fast.  We found today to be the best day of the contest because there were just enough haze domes, wisps, and cumulus clouds to mark the strong thermals on all legs of the task, allowing pilots to climb to 9,000 agl if they were so inclined.  And a few did so but this didn’t seem to be much of a distraction because 16 pilots flew faster than 60 mph!  Today’s winners include Ron Ridenour in the sports class, Don Kroesch in the 18 meter class, and Tony Condon in the low performance class.

Posted: 5/21/2016


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