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18 Meter National - May 10 Report

Today was a good practice day for the Bermuda High contest organizers, but a poor day for the pilots.  The contest management team simulated everything from the Pilots Meeting to the publication of scores, and the whole system worked well.

Unfortunately, however, the sky was grey, and the well-dispersed thermals were uninspiring.  A few pilots flew locally, mostly to test their propulsive apparati.  At this event we have eleven motorgliders: 6 piston-powered, 3 electrics, and 2 jets.  Most of the remaining 16 pure sailplanes stayed on the ground today. A notable exception was Roy Bourgeois, who dribbled up to Pageland and back (20 miles) in his ASG-29.

Frank and Jayne Reid have done their usual outstanding job of welcoming everyone to this beautiful rural airfield, which is also their home.  It has been 24 years since they carved out this very special gliderport in Lancaster County, South Carolina. And they improve it every year.

The volunteers for this event are:

Contest Manager: Frank Reid

Competition Director: Eric Mozer

Scorer and scrivener: Rick Sheppe

Meteorologists: Ward Hindman, Jay Campbell

Chief Tow Pilot: Jayne Reid

Tow pilots: Aaron Raley, Leo Friedwald, Bill Ballard, Mike Knabe

Sniffers: Jay Campbell, Tom Moore

Operations: Tom Moore, Eliel De La Paz, Lewis Diera, Dave Stewart, Henry Snyder, Ivan Snell, Jae Walker

Retrieve Desk: Scott Harris

(apologies to those omitted)

The mandatory first briefing will take place tonight in the hangar, to be followed by a catered Welcome Dinner.  Rumor has it that one of the competitors, an avid amateur brewer, has brought a keg all the way from California for the occasion.

Posted: 5/10/2016


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