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Region 7 - Day 1

Thirteen of twenty-six pilots flew faster than 50 mph on a day that might have been good, or not.  A weak cold front pressed down from the north through the afternoon, bringing light showers late in the afternoon, however the unstable air in front of it allowed climbs of four to seven knots as indicated on our varios during an afternoon of cumulus clouds streets with bases at 7,000 agl in winds of just 11 knots. Sweet.  Our practice day had the same weather and that’s the great thing about flying here at Albert Lea; if the sun gets to the ground, soaring is fun and fast.  And if you have to land out, almost everywhere is good enough.  Today’s winners included Tony Condon in the lower performance class, Ron Ridenour in the sports class, and Mike Shakman in the 18 meter class.

Posted: 5/16/2016


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