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18 Meter National - May 15 Report

We’re in South Carolina, where the locals think that 60 degrees Fahrenheit is “cold.”  To the visitors from the North, this is merely “brisk.”  Today, four of the top five finishers were from Canada.  Perhaps there is a connection.

Our forecast was for 3 knot lift to 6000 feet with a northwest wind and no chance for cumulus clouds, and that’s pretty much what happened.

Eric couldn’t make up his mind between an Assigned Task and a Turn Area Task, so he compromised with a Turn Area Task that started out with two very small (3 mile) circles.  The third circle was large, so the pilots would have some running room.  The nominal distance was 192 miles, and the minimum time was 3.5 hours.

Steve Nichols and Jerzy Szemplinski had very similar flights, both going fairly deep in the third Turn Area.  Steve turned a little short of Jerzy, and ended up 37 seconds undertime.  Jerzy was two minutes over and wound up taking the day.  Steve was a close second, and Rich Owen was third.

Today we welcomed the fifth member of the “completed course/non-finisher” club.  Dennis Linnekin made it home, but was too low at the finish to be credited with a completed Task. 

The top of the overall scoresheet has not changed much since yesterday.  The top four remain Szemplinski, Clark, Springford, and Fletcher.  Pete Alexander has jumped into fifth place.  And ten of the top 11 places belong to the ASG-29.

-Rick Sheppe

Posted: 5/15/2016


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