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18 Meter National - May 11 Report

The first day of the contest started with a forecast that concluded with “maybe a T-storm.”

CD Eric Mozer called a 3-hour Turn Area Task that took the pilots east, then southwest, then back home to the north.  At grid time we could see cumulus to the south, with a dull grey sky to the east.  No problem, just reverse the order of turnpoints, and presto, a counterclockwise Task.

It turned out that it might have been better to stick to the original plan, as a narrow line of thunderstorms developed at the end of the day, blocking the way home from the east. A bunch of contestants landed at Bennetsville on the final leg, and several (but not all) were able to do aeroretrieves before the storms got big.  Roy Bourgeois had the pleasure of landing in the rain twice today.

We had 11 finishers and the day was devalued to 820 points.  The winner was Jerzy Szemplinski, followed by Al Tyler in second and Sarah Arnold and Dave Springford tied for third.

Following the time-honored gliding tradition of overloading the local restaurant on Day 1, we ordered up a "table for 19" at Gus's in downtown Kershaw. The local diners were not amused. 

-Rick Sheppe

Posted: 5/11/2016


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