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Region 5 North - 20 April report

Today offered some of the strangest weather yet seen at a Perry contest.  Most forecasts called for another weak day free of any cumulus clouds, with a good possibility of mid- and high-level cloud shutting off all heating by mid-afternoon. 

Until about 2pm, the weather seemed to be following just this pattern, though an area of limited sun just north of home was keeping gliders in the air, mostly at decent altitudes.  But trouble was indeed creeping in from the south, and the possibility of a cancellation was looming.

Then, in a span of about 15 minutes, prospects changed radically.  Areas west and north of home opened up and began filling with genuine cumulus clouds (the first seen here in well over a week).  Gliders quickly climbed above 6000’, and a true racing day was underway. Best climbs were reported to be 8+ knots to over 9000’.

Not surprisingly, speeds were the best of the contest.  The day’s outstanding flight goes to Al Tyler in his ASH-25, who bounced back from a landout yesterday to take first place in Open class, at 71 mph.


Posted: 4/20/2016


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