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Senior Soaring Championship - The last word

Today’s weather offered a good case of “Choose your forecast” - various sources offered everything from pretty good to hopeless. All of them suggested we’d be getting too much moisture on west winds from the Gulf of Mexico.  The best of them said that this would leave plenty of holes for enough solar heating to produce good thermals.  The worst spoke of near-solid layers of cloud, poor heating, and even some rain.

So we gridded gliders at noon, just in time for a P-51 Mustang flyby, courtesy of Stallion 51, based in nearby Kissimmee.  We then waited for some holes to appear in the thick overcast.  They did, but were insufficient.  The essential problem was much more cloud than forecast in areas south of home, which all forecasts had agreed was the only place where any hope of a valid task could be found.  The day was cancelled around 1 pm, and little complaint was heard (most pilots worth their salt would be happy to stand around far longer for a chance to see – and hear – four Mustangs rumble by in formation).

So the 26th Senior Contest is over.  Ken Sorenson is the winner, thanks to a couple of excellent flights.  Karl Striedieck takes silver, and Ron Ridenour bronze.  We had a safe contest with 4 decent flying days (many pilots enjoyed 4 more very good days in the week before the contest).  And Seminole Lake Gliderport has enhanced its already formidable reputation as a soaring destination. 

John Good


Posted: 3/18/2016


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