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Senior Soaring Championship - Mar 15 Report

After two non-flying days, the Senior Contest went back into business today. The forecast called for a hot (temperatures near 90), late-starting day with early low clouds giving way to weak, blue lift - to only modest altitudes.  This less-than-stellar outlook led to a short (2 hr 15 min) Turn-Area task south of home – rather small beer, but better than sitting on the ground.

But the weather decided to show us something better. The early clue was east-west cloudstreets that did not dissipate as the day developed.  Before 1pm gliders were well above 4000’, on their way to over 5000 in the best part of the day.  Many pilots saw occasional climbs of 6 kts, but most also found some trouble, including three who outlanded. 

Ken Sorenson (SSA Chairman of the Board) was best for the day, at 65 mph over 160 miles.  He found little sympathy with a tale of wondering what to do with a 9-kt climb just 15 miles from home on final glide (basic answer: stay with it for a long as you can rationalize, then streak home, high and fast).

John Good


Posted: 3/15/2016


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