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Senior Soaring Championship - Mar 12 Report

The forecast for the first competition day was much less confident than for any of the previous 5 days: we were told to expect plenty of cloud, a bit too much southeast wind, and near-total spreadout by mid-afternoon.  In the face of this a short Turn-Area task was set, and the launch commenced promptly at noon into an already troubled sky. When the early launchers formed slow-climbing gaggles that steadily drifted downwind, confidence in a valid task day was low.

But the low gliders hung on grimly, and our weather – in defiance of most forecasts – slowly improved. Only three gliders needed a relaunch, the task opened shortly after 1pm, and the sky continued to look better.  Pilots who left home in a pessimistic mood returned with tales of 6-kt climbs to over 5000’, wondering why the task wasn’t an hour longer. 

Best for the day was Karl Striedieck in his DuoDiscus XL, at nearly 70 mph over 120 miles. Mote than 50 pilots turned in a complete task, and we had just one outlanding (with no problems).

John Good


Posted: 3/12/2016


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