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Region 4 North - Day 4- Not a classic...but fun

For our last day, Mother Nature cooked up a complex forecast.  Winds from the WNW to NW and possibly strong... or not.   A very unstable airmass with extensive Cu that would over-develop and shut off convection... or not.  

While we were able to launch the fleet starting around 12:30,  the original task area quickly became over-developed, with rain/snow showers peppering the Chambersburg Valley.  But, with winds gusting to 20kts on the surface, heading east toward the flatlands was a one-way ticket to a landout.   So we waited.   And waited.  

The sky finally cycled, and it looked possible to get in a smal TAT into the Chambersburg Valley as originally planned.  Pilots could hang on the local ridge to wait out any down cycles.   The gate opened shortly after 2, and pilots went out almost immediately. 

What eventually happened is that several pilots found low wave and ran most of the task comfortably at cloudbase in smooth air.   Distances were much lower than the prior days, but pilots got to fly (for many, the 8th straight day!),  and we got some more points on the board.  There were two landouts, but neither of them was very far away.   

In the Gold Class,  Seymour (SM) took the day with Bearden (JB) close behind.   In the silver,  Hogue (J6) got the day win followed by Nietzy (XB) and Bargainier (OO).      There were no major changes to the overall results, with Nietzy taking the win wire-to-wire while Striedieck held on to the lead he built during the big ridge mission.  

That concludes the 2015 contest season in the US.     See you next Spring! 

Erik Mann (P3)

p.s.  This update somehow got lost in the upload process.  Sorry for the delay. 

Posted: 10/17/2015


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