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Region 4 North - Day 3 - Even Classic-er

We awoke after another cold night to blue skies and some frost on the trailers.  Forecasts called for winds out of the WNW.    Strong thermals were also in the mix, with some chance of OD.   Sounds like the ingedients for a ridge task.    

For the Gold class, I cooked up a multi-turnpoint Assigned Task using points along the Lewistown Ridge (Shade/Balcklog Mountains) and the Tuscarora.  Silver got the same task, only as a 3 hour MAT.   That would allow them to taste the ridges but bail out if the day got too late.  

The day went off mostly as hoped.   Most of the fast guys got across the Chambersburg Valley thanks to 6kt thermals that were topping out at almost 6,000 feet.   Several made it across with no turns after the start.    Once on the ridges,  winds were on the lighter side, but nobody had big trouble staying on them.    A few folks got confused with transitions, but most pilots made the assigned points. 

We did have a couple of guys go down on the final transition across the Chambersburg Valley.   A few widely scattered rain showers tamped down the thermals,  making it hard to connect with the streets that the early guys used with great success. 

In the Gold Class, the ridge meister Striedieck (KS) takes the day with Seymour (SM) second and John Mittel (BZ) third.   John spent a couple of weeks studying the ridges prior to the contest - looks like he's a good student!   

In Silver, Shane Nietzy (XZ) got back to his winning ways, putting a big gap between himself and Jim Hogue (J6) in second.   John Godfrey (QT), rounded out the top 3.  

We've flown pretty much every day since we got here, even though not all of them were official contest days.   We've got a lot of happy but tired pilots tonight. 


Posted: 10/16/2015


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