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Region 4 North - Day 2 - A classic

We finally awoke to the crisp, clear Fall weather we'd been hoping for.    Kellerman's forecast was for 5,000 - 5,500 foot bases with good lift (3-5 kts) and some chance of localized overdevelopment.   It was obvious from the well-formed Cu by grid time that we were in for a good day.   

The original call was a 2.5 Hr "long MAT" with the defined portion of the task around 100 miles.  Conditions were so good before the launch that I decided to up the task to 3 hours - about the maximum we can expect here at this time of year.  

We were able to start the launch just after noon and almost everyone stuck on the first try.  We were seeing 5,000 or so before the start, and there was very little start gate roulette.  The first two legs were just classic thermal flying, with lots of markers and obious, honest Cu. 

On the third leg, we started to run into some wave or downwind ridge influence, and several pilots fell into holes along that leg.   The biggest challenge was getting across the very broad ridge into the Chambersburg valley.   From my perch at 6,000 feet in 6kts of lift, it wasn't too imposing, but several guys had some "sporty" moments getting across.  

After the mandatory portion of the task, folks had different ideas of where to go.   The winner came back east and worked the Fairfield side of the ridges.  Several others said they had a good run going down to Harper's ferry.  In the  end, it appears that the different ideas worked out about the same.      

Erik Nelson (5E) continued his streak in the Gold, with with Striedieck (KS), Seymour (SM), and Bearden (JB) close behind.   Bill Thar (BT)  took his Duckhawk around the task at a high rate of speed,  with Shane Nietzy (XZ) and Jim Hogue (J6) in second and third.  

There were a lot of happy faces around the operations center today, and stories around the campfire continued well into the night.  

Friday and Saturday are now looking very good as well.  Stay tuned. 

Erik Mann (P3)

Posted: 10/15/2015


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