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Region 4 North - Not Day 1 Again

The good news is that we've flown every day including the practice day.   The bad news is we've flown every day without a scorable result.      Today was going to be tricky from the get go.   A front was crossing the area during the morning with some clearing during the afternoon.   But, winds were progged to pick up from the WSW and gust up to 20kts with clouds thickening as the day went on.    We could probably handle 2 out of 3 adverse conditions (wind direction, wind strength, and OD) with various tasks, but not all 3.  

As it turned out, we got the trifecta of negative conditions.   We were able to safely launch the gold class and they all stuck... at least for a while.    But, with winds aloft over 20kts, the thermals were torn up and drifting at a prodigious rate.   One by one the gold class pilots fell out, and pretty soon there were only 2 left from the original launch group.  In the meantime, we'd seen some pretty hairy takeoff and landings.   I pulled the plug when it became obvious that there was no hope of getting the fleet upwind to the local ridge and downwind was likely to be a one way ticket to a rough field landing.   


p.s. We determined that the Gold Class missed an official day by about 1/2 a mile, as XM came in with about 49.4 miles yesterday.   



Posted: 10/13/2015


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