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Region 4 North - Day 1 - Almost

It was a spectacular Fall day here in Fairfield.   Brilliant blue skies.  Gentle zephyrs.   Trees resplendent in Autumnal hues.   

The weather for soaring -  meh.    The model forecasts suggested we would probably get to 3,000 MSL (about 2,500 above the field) pretty reliably.    We'd need things to break our way to get a few hundred feet more, which would allow a fair/safe task.    

We were able to get the fleet launched and most people stuck, though few were able to get much above tow release.   Every so often a glider would poke above 3,000 feet then quickly fall back down under 2,500.    By 2 p.m. local,  it was apparent that the day just wasn't going to break our way.     I cancelled the task at about 2:15.     Three pilots decided to try the task -  SM, KS, and 5E.     SM and 5E managed to tag all three cylinders, though neither of them would have achieved the required minimum distance for an official day.   We'll figure out appropriate prizes in the morning.   

Tomorrow looks similar to today but slightly better.   Beyond that, the promised cold front is picking up steam and is now suggesting a good ridge day for Wednesday.  Stay tuned. 


Posted: 10/11/2015


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