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Region 4 North - Practice Day

We're back at Fairfield for the final contest of the 2015 racing season.   With 20 folks signed up, we have a tough field of veterans and a few newcomers as well.   The MASA club operation is looking good, with a brand new pavilion ready to accomodate the dinner and pilots meeting crowds.   

Today was the scheduled practice day.   On cue, a cold front passed through overnight, dumping some heavy rain on parts of the area - yours truly managed to get his van bogged down to start off the day.    Richard Kellerman's forecast called for climbs a bit over 4,000 with sparse cu, and that's pretty much what we got.    Only a few guys attempted the task, and scored speeds were mostly below stall speed as all but a couple pilots came home way under time.    The highlight of the task was the local "instant-on" power station which happened to be generating right when a few guys needed it.    SM reporting varios pegged and uncommanded 90 degree roll at times.   

Tomorrow looks like a weak, blue day, but possibly good enough for a task.    We'll certainly fly.     

Erik Mann (P3)

Competition Director Guy

Posted: 10/10/2015


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