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Region 4 South - Wednesday Redux

Thursday again dawned with our prevaricating meteorological prognosticator Richard Kellerman saying the ridge may or may not work and there may or may not be useable thermals. A shortened version of Wednesday's task was devised. The ridge mavens were launched to take a look and when KS reports that he fell off the ridge you know it just isn't working. Thermals however began to strengthen and pilots began reporting that they topped 5K, allowing the task to be done in thermals.

Most pilots few only 90 minuts of the two hour task, with Tim Welles in 18M and Karl Striedieck taking honors for the day.

The evening Commodore's reception (of the Craig's Creek Yacht Club) was low key as more news of Wharton Ramsey's crash during an outlanding attempt arrived. Everyone wishes him a full and speedy recovery from his injuries.


Posted: 9/24/2015


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