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Region 4 South - Flying Pilots are Smiling Pilots

The day dawned clear with pilots ready to fly.  Although forecast conditions were not strong, a two hour task up and down Maggie valley was possible and by 2:30 everyone was launched and they stuck. The task opened at 3:00 and everyone went immediately.  John Seymour won the day in 18M with 121 miles @ 57mph, Rob Ware did 104 miles @ 48mph (119 miles @ 54 mph raw) to take the handicapped class.

The evening brought more entertainment with the requisite Low Country Boil headed up by David Willis. This year the event was cast with a Hawaiian luau theme, requiring of course appropriate attire. Luckily the BRSS habadashery was on the job with colorful BRSS-aviation-themed shirts. Tiki torches were lit, uke music queued, grass skirts and coconut tops were donned and members made sure we were all lei'd by the end of the evening.

Capped with another night around the blazing fire pit - what else could you ask for?


Posted: 9/23/2015


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