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Logan Mountain Flying Camp - Thursday - Got some fun flying in today

The weather gave us what we were asking for and sent winds from the west and some sun for a good part of the day.  High cirrus was also coming in to shut down the day early but it didn't keep a lot of pilots from pushing hard to go far.  Many pilots were able to get out to the Afton Wyoming area and finally see the Salt River Range.  Video coming shortly... :)

Getting home was tricky and 11 pilots landed out with no damage to ships and lots of new farmer friends made. I pushed hard to make the Tetons and got within 10 miles but paid the price by getting caught behind a ridge and doing the safe thing and landing out and not push it trying to get over the ridge. The family I met was amazing and took great care of me and another pilot who did the same safe thing.

Friday's weather just won't cooperate and we will end the event on a high doing some amazily fun XC on Thursday. Tim and I want to thank each pilot and individual who attended this camp and hope you all had a blast. We learned a lot about mountain and ridge flying and made many new friends.

Bruno - B4

Posted: 8/7/2015


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