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Region 10 South - Contest Report Morning Aug 6

We've had some great soaring conditions here in Texas for the last couple of days with nice clouds,with bases at 6000 ft. Today (Day3) looks very similar. After a "Long Mat" task on Day 1, we had Turn Area Tasks on Days 2 and 3. Some storms were forecast in the southern task area on Day 2, with an early end to the day possible. The FAI class (first to launch) had a 3:00 hour task and the Sports class had a 2:30 task. It worked out just right, with pilots making final glides home from the north through dead air.  The Sports Class winner was Stefan Schroth, an SCOH club member visiting us from Germany, with a raw speed of 52.9 mph. Danny Sorenson, coming all the way from Las Vegas, won the FAI class with a raw speed of 59.3 mph.

The weather for Day 3 looked better, with less chance of storms. Both classes had 3 hr TATs with two turnpoints and arranged to allow for some use of the wind lines. Big smiles all around.  Stefan again won the Sports, at 55.2 mph raw. Danny won the FAI class again, at 59.8 raw.

The weather for Day 4 looks pretty similar to yesterday. A "Long MAT" has been called, same for both classes. This has been a popular task since it allows pilots to see each other more on courtse and know how they're doing against each other (pilots are voluntarily calling in their start times).  The task behaves like an Assigned Task, but still allows everyone to break it off late in the day and come home with speed points to enjoy a swim in the pool, beverages, and  another home-cooked (thanks to Michelle Sorenson, CM) meal at the clubhouse.


Ken Sorenson, CD

Posted: 8/6/2015


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