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Logan Mountain Flying Camp - Wednesday - The sky of many faces

We woke up to a sky with cirrus and other mixed clouds coming at us from the south west.  We were very concerned that the clouds would kill the thermals and the southerly winds would not make ridge soaring possible.  Then the lennies started popping up...

We posponed giving out gridding info until 12:30 to see how the weather was shaping up.  It looked very dynamic and promising but also pretty tough to get everyone up with any degree of confidence.  We left it up to the pilots and 12 decided to give it a try taking mostly very high ~ 4000 ft tows.  The pilots reported having a great time playing in a mixture of wave, thermals, turbulence and fun.

Landing was not as fun.  A storm came in (as predicted) and the outflow sent winds at us at times 30 knots gusting to 39.  Logan is great however and we used the main runway which was in line with the strong winds and everyone got down safe. Fun day!  We are really hopeful that tomorrow will give us the much hoped for westerly winds and we can really go out and have some fun mountain hopping flights.

Bruno - B4

Posted: 8/5/2015


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