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Logan Mountain Flying Camp - Tues - Slowly up the hill...

We woke up to fog on the ground all around the Logan valley.  Tim has never seen it foggy here in the summer months in the 2.7 thousand years he has lived here.  We got .6 inches of rain on Monday, way up from the predicted .1" the weather men thought we would receive.  There is a lot of moisture - everywhere.  Temps are way down too for this time of year.

Launch was not easy today.  The winds were very light and didn't help create any ridge lift.  We were up to ourselves to find thermals on the ridges and spines that come down off the mountain.  The day slowly got better and by 4pm the ridge was providing enough lift to stay aloft and if you were patient, enough lift to get on top and then run the top northward.  On my second tow...I was able to stick and it took 1:08 to work the ridge up to the top.  The reward was worth it with a fun flight to the north up to Mink Creek turnpoint in Idaho.  Coming back was easy as the ridge just kept getting better and better as the day went on.

Bruno - B4

Posted: 8/4/2015


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