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Standard and 15 Meter Nationals - Trivia...Harris Hill Past

Name two physical fixtures that were part of Harris Hill during the 1970 Nationals but no longer exist?
Actually, there are more than two...
Administration “Ad” Building
This grand old log building was built as part of the WPA (Works Projects Administration) effort in the 1930s.  The front, gathering room was also the first home of the NSM (which later moved to the Merrill House at the entrance to Harris Hill Park).  The local EAA chapter would use the big kitchen to prepare breakfasts during contests.  The dining room, also called the “Diamond Hall”, showcased photos of the Diamond Badge holders.  US soaring pioneers walked through these rooms!  This historic building burned to the ground the winter of 1977, replaced by the current NSM.
Pool at the Brow of the Hill
The first pool at Harris Hill was located at the Harris Hill Overlook (brow), right near the T in the road.  It was still in use during the 1970 Nationals.  The cement pool was filled in the early 1970s and replaced by an Olympic-size one closer to the picnic area and amusement park.  A 2-32 wing, a memorial to all who have flown at this historic location, sits on the original pool site.
Flight Shack
The flight shack was about half the size of the current Flight Center.  It was pretty bare-bones…had electricity and that was it.  The shack was replaced in the 1980s.
County Maintenance Building
Next to the Ad Building, the maintenance building was removed to make space for the NSM.
Lodging and Bathroom Cabins
Some of the small cabins (which could hold 8-10 people), including the bathroom cabins, were removed to make way for the NSM.  Heinz Weissenbuehler and Karin Schlosser took pieces of these cabins to build a whole one on their property.  And a few of the brown cabins can still be found to the south of the NSM.
I got behind on the trivia the past few days.  Here’s the last question…
Who is the only person up on Harris Hill during this contest who competed in both the first Standard Nationals and the first 15m Nationals?

Posted: 8/4/2015


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