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Standard and 15 Meter Nationals - No Contest Day - Update

Tuesday, 4 August 2015
15m/Standard Nationals - Elmira NY
No Contest Day
The word from our remote weatherman, Richard Kellerman (via Tim Welles) was “fraught forecast” and “model dissonance”.  So we gridded up in hopes of the weather going our way.  The sniffer was only able to find 1.5kts in low bases and strong westerly winds kept bringing in strato-crud.  The small working window we had closed and Monty called the day in the early afternoon.  
And so the 2015 15m and Standard Class Nationals have come to an end.  It was a tough, challenging contest with no straightforward just-go-fast days.  Pilots had to change gears during every flight.  Despite the difficulties, no pilots left the contest early!  
The theme for this contest was “It looked better than it was”.  Every day!  Pilots who have flown here for decades cannot figure out this past week’s weather.  At any rate, it was good weather for July-August in Region 3.  For all of you who bet we’d have a hazy-hot-humid-rainy contest, you lose!
15m Class Winners
Fernando Silva [FS]
Mike Smith [XM]
Gary Ittner [P7]
Standard Class Winners
Phil Gaisford [PG]
Hank Nixon [OH]
Mike Opitz [RO]
Phil flew a very consistent contest, winning 6 of the 7 days.  Fernando was persistent and gradually rose to the top of the 15m.  Of the six winners, two – Fernando and Gary – were flying Elmira for the first time.  And Mike Opitz hadn’t flown a contest in 14 years.
Phil also won the Jon Kulby Award for fastest speed in the Standard Class Nationals: 60.19mph.  The 15m Joe Giltner Award went to Gary Ittner for a fastest speed of 65.80mph.
After the awards ceremony, some of the group hung around for leftovers from Saturday and Monday nights’ dinners.  By late afternoon, the gliderport was empty.
The Juniors have been “spooning” people throughout the contest.  White plastic spoons would be stealthily inserted into jacket/pants pockets, glider cockpits, any place you least expect it.  This prank culminated in Tim Welles’ and Heinz Weissenbuehler’s trailers being spooned last night – hundreds of spoons in each trailer to greet them in the morning as they prepared to rig.  The Juniors were around to help clean up, of course.  The spoons were then “recycled” in Andy Brayer’s RV and who knows where they will end up next.   And as I was driving home today, I pulled down the car visor and – ping! – out popped a spoon!
SM Ground

Posted: 8/4/2015


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